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The Right Wine At The Right Moment

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

I just returned from Nantucket where I attended an informative, inspiring and grand wine festival. It was fully full of everything I adore and I am so grateful to have experienced Nantucket and the event! I have many things I can’t wait to write about and share. I thought to start with a topic that came up in the tastings I attended because it often comes up in my own discussions with wine drinkers; The importance of drinking appropriately!

I am not referring to holding off on that second glass or bottle before you get too loose lipped OR on a boat (although this is advice worth keeping in your back pocket). What I am getting at is how to learn to drink appropriately for what the moment is calling for.  Example; A bottle of famed Romanèe- Conti (even if you could afford it) will not taste as good if you drink it everyday or on a hot patio, it is amazing only in the right moment. The same is for a simple rosé, it can taste exquisite on a sunny day lounging on a picnic blanket with cheese and fresh baguette, it is simple and perfect for that moment.

Just as it is with life, the more you begin to slow down and realize what your moment is calling for, the choice will become clear and reveal itself. Sometimes it takes some trial and error but that’s part of learning. If you choose to educate yourself on some food and wine pairings this will also be helpful to guide you to an appropriate wine choice for the moment.

One of my most favorite things is when people share their happiest and most memorable wine stories with me. It usually goes something like this; “My wife and I were on a beautiful patio in the south of France sharing a seafood bouillabaisse. We drank a bottle of wine that was so cheap but so amazing! It was one of the best wines I’ve ever had!” Their wine may very well have been fantastic, but what they were really sipping on was the total experience. They were drinking in the scenery, people, food and culture. The moment was perfect for regional wine with the cuisine and charm to match. Voila! It was the right wine in the right moment and was greatly enhanced as a result.

We are living in a time of vast wine choices from all over the globe, experiment and take advantage of all there is to offer. Be open to try something new. You just might find yourself in the right place at the right time with the right wine!