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Seminars, Fundraisers, Sales Meetings – Are you seeking an entertaining way to motivate your staff? Perhaps you are looking to engage your customers or you want to raise funds for your nonprofit? Having Sen5es at your next event can certainly be a big bonus. Treat your VIP’S to an evening of wines they won’t soon forget along with some new wine facts and confidence they can take back to their next business lunch. Wine and gaining wine knowledge is not only fun, but also a great way to close more deals.  Charlene’s ability to come along side all types of personalities is something that makes Sen5es very special, her unique way of accommodating all levels from expert to beginner allows everyone involved to feel comfortable and have a most enjoyable experience. Wine tasting and education is a fantastic way to create a more cohesive team, increase productivity, and close more deals.  Please contact us for pricing and guidance to work within your budget.


The Noble Grapes – This is a tasting centred around the six key noble grapes wine is produced from. Learn why these grapes are considered noble, where they are grown throughout the world and the stylistic differences as a result. Basic tasting methodology, regional contrasts of the grapes along with food pairings and much more will be covered in this informative, interactive and fun seminar.

Wine and Wellness – This is a topic worth discussing! Over many years Charlene has honed her own personal approach to bring wine and her wellness practices together in balance. As a passionate yoga teacher and advocate for healthful living, she is also passionate lover of wine and gourmet cuisine. In this seminar you will learn that most anyone, including you, can find his or her own personal balance in wine and wellness. Charlene will share her best tips on what has worked for her along her journey towards a healthy and delicious life. While tasting wine, you will learn some of the health benefits of wine, how to avoid the dreaded ‘wine headache’ and what key things you can incorporate into your routine to feel nourished and well balanced. Some stretching is likely to break out while learning why Champagne is a great choice for your constitution and your waistline! Life is to be enjoyed, whether on a yoga mat or at a dinner table with dear friends and a bottle of Burgundy. Learn the skills to bring the balance of wine and wellness into your life. It’s worth working on!

Crushing It! – Learn the foundations of how to taste like a pro, navigate a wine list and pair wine with food. All of these skills will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to “crush it” the next time you’re in the wine shop or hosting a business lunch. Learn to branch out confidently from the standard and safe wine choices you have been making over and over again. In this seminar you will learn there is a whole world of great value, delicious and interesting wine to choose from. You will leave more than equipped to make a new fresh, interesting and delicious choice.

Blue Chips – Just as there are companies that are known to weather downturns and operate profitably in the face of adversity, so too there are blue chip wines. Having a long record of stable and reliable growth makes them a standout in their field. Upmost quality is key and these iconic wines are some of the best examples in their categories. During the tasting, learn what these wines are, the factors that contribute to their high quality, the history of the regions and producers and why they remain a current commodity in today’s wine world. Please note, this event includes higher end wines and is priced accordingly to availability and selection.

Regional Tasting and Education – Sen5es can work with you to create an event based on a specific region, interest or grape variety. Perhaps you would like to learn about the unique wines of Vancouver Island or have a Charlene share her passion and expertise on the famed wines of France’s Burgundy region. Champagne always makes for a fascinating and fun topic, its success in branding is unique and unparalleled in the wine world as are its tiny bubbles! Please contact Sen5es so we can meet your specific needs and interests for your group.

Sen5es does not import, sell or produce wine. Sen5es is ‘Serving it Right’ certified & encourages responsible drinking. Wines are selected based on availability and theme.


Sen5es founder Charlene Fritz has gathered not only a very solid education in wine, but also tremendous experience in hospitality, human interaction and wine service. Training your staff on the basics of wine will equip them with the confidence they need to interact with guests about wine,  enhancing the guest experience and your beverage sales. Learning some key service techniques will help to streamline and polish service to a standard you can be proud of as a manager or proprietor. Investing in the education and culture of your team will be a fun and inspiring step towards everyone’s success and growth.

“If wine were to disappear from human production, there would be a void in human health and intelligence and that void would be worse than all the excesses it’s guilty of.”


“Its up to us to give ourselves the gift of living well.”


“Great love affairs start with Champagne.”

Honoré de Balzac~

“Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors.”

 John Keats~

“Champagne makes women appear more beautiful and men more spiritual.”


“I spent ninety percent of my money on wine, women and song and just wasted the other ten percent.”

Ronnie Hawkins~

“Champagne should be dry, cold and free.”

Winston Churchill~